About the creator of INVISI-ballTM

My name is Tommy Deloach – I am happy that I have created this product to offer to you! I am a native of Texas, and a longtime fan of the game of football, as well as most all sports. I am very passionate about college football! I attended Texas Tech University where I studied and earned a degree in Architecture. I was a cheerleader for 4 years, which put me very close to all the action. I was on the sidelines for football and courtside for basketball. I was heavily involved while attending Texas Tech, and it still comes naturally for me to think about different ways to show off my school colors. I also realize that this is important to you as a fan of your team as well.

Where did the idea of INVISI-ballTM come from?

The concept for INVISI-ballTM started in 2011. My wife and I traveled to Lubbock for Homecoming and to take our son to experience Texas Tech for the first time. We had purchased a soft “nerf” style football for him so that we could throw the ball around and not cause too much damage. Well, after we watched the Homecoming parade Saturday morning before the game at Tech, my son wanted to throw the football like some of the other families we were watching up and down the main entrance to campus. Unfortunately, we had left his football back at the hotel room – about 5 miles away. I didn’t even want to buy another football because we had already purchased one the day before – it seemed like we were just going to add to the pile of things to lug back home at the end of our trip. I gave in, though.

Reluctantly, I purchased a new ball from a place across the street so that we could conduct our little impromptu football game. Since we already had purchased a “nerf” style ball, I decided to get a collectible football with a Double T (see photo) on it to keep and put up back at my home office. Little did I know that purchasing that ball would change my life…

After returning home from Texas Tech I decided to search for a mount suitable for my new collectible football. I held the ball up to the wall displaying the Double T logo and told my wife “I want to mount the ball like this… wouldn’t that look cool?” I went upstairs to my office and began my search…

Nothing. Really? Yes, really!

“What a crime!” I thought to myself. I went downstairs and told my wife that there was nothing to be found like what I wanted. I told her I was going to design one, she said go do it, and viola!

In about 2 hours, the INVISI-ballTM Wall Mount concept was born!!

The ball that started it all...