Basketball Wall Mount


Mount your game, signed, or favorite team’s basketball to the wall, displaying your team colors.

INVISI-ball Wall Mount – “Keeps your eye on the ball!TM

The INVISI-ballTM Wall Mount allows you to hang a basketball on your wall. When viewed from the front, the basketball seems to be floating in mid-air along your wall!

The INVISI-ballTM Wall Mount looks great when mounted next to your diploma, team poster, framed memorabilia, a picture of the arena, and many more. Also goes great by itself when you are wanting to add some accents to a wall in your garage, man cave, entertainment room, or any other place.

It is advised to periodically remove the basketball from the mount and pump it back up to proper mounting pressure (do not over inflate) to be sure that the mount performs the best and that your basketball looks the best while it is up on your wall.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4.625 × 5.625 × 2 in