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What is INVISI-ball®?

The INVISI-ball® Wall Mount is a “line-of-sight” patented (US Patent 9,119,485 and 9,320,371) mounting device that allows the consumer to mount their favorite collectible football or basketball in the most unique way possible.  Designed specifically for memorabilia footballs and basketballs, the INVISI-ball® Wall Mount gives the illusion that the ball is mysteriously hovering or floating against the wall on which it is mounted.  The attention is now focused on what you want to display – the ball!

The INVISI-ball® Wall Mount does NOT harm or alter the condition of the balls that are mounted.


Yes, really!  Using the same mounting bracket as a base, we developed a patented (US Patent 9,149,133) way to mount a basketball incorporating the same “line-of sight” concept as is done with the football mount – again without harming or altering the condition of the ball!

Made in AmericaINVISI-ball® Wall Mounts are manufactured, assembled and distributed in the USA!


INVISI-ball® is easy to install, won’t damage your ball or helmet and tucks away behind the item for a clean, professional look.

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I am a native of Texas, and a longtime fan of the game of football, as well as most all sports. If you could’t guess,  am very passionate about sports, particularly college football!

 I attended Texas Tech University where I studied and earned a degree in Architecture. I was a cheerleader for 4 years, which put me very close to all the action. I was on the sidelines for football and courtside for basketball. I was heavily involved while attending Texas Tech, and it still comes naturally for me to think about different ways to show off my school colors. I also realize that this is important to you as a fan of your team as well. 

– Tommy Deloach
Inventor of INVISI-Ball®